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Q: How do I know what color to pick?

A: I will choose the best color based on your existing color formula or our consultation if you're new to me.

Q: Will this color just my roots or all over?

A: You have the option to do either or both.

If you choose the root color option it'll be enough to safely and permanently color the roots you see when your hair is up or down (your part and hairline).

If you choose the option to refresh everything with a gloss it will cover all hair with a translucent grey coverage for about 4 weeks.

If you're not sure what option(s) you should choose, click to order your kit and let me know there so I can chat with you about it!

Q: How long will my at-home root color last?

A: It's permanent color so it'll last for up to six weeks when you're able to get in with me again!

Q: Will this cause me to need a color correction?

A: Box color likely will, yes, but my root touch-up kit is custom-formulated to ensure you won't destroy everything we've worked towards.


Q:  Can I refer a friend who has roots that need your help?

A: Absolutely!! I would love to help your friend, neighbor, kids' teacher, or anybody else in need. Send them my way and you'll get a $25 gift card to be used at your next appointment!


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